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gloryoftheshame's Journal

We're sweet and deceitful
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"An orgy is a group activity involving unrestrained indulgence."

So don't wait, just join the NEGATIVE orgy!

1000*nails*in*my*heart, a*song*for*the*broken*hearted, about my sorrow, after all, angel's won't lie, anorectic, antti, arrival, better without you, black light, bleeding, cash from chaos, childhood memories, concerts, dream flowers, dying feelings, embracing past, fading yourself, finland, frozen*to*lose*it*all, glam, glam rock, glory of the shame, god likes you, goodbye, gothic, grunge, in memoriam, in my heaven, inspiration, jay, jonne, l.a. feeding fire, larry, last hero, locked in the dark, lost soul, loving you, misery, music, my my hey hey, my personal sensitivity, naive, negative, neverending parade, ngt, one last shot, planet of the sun, reflections, secret forgiveness, sinner's night-misty morning, sir christus, snack, something, still alive, stop fuckin' around, swans, sweet and deceitful, the*moment*of*our*love, until you're mine, war of love, we can't go on